Steering Committee

Zhixin WU

Steering Committee

Deputy General Manager, China Automotive Technology & Research Center Co. Ltd

Dr. Zhixin WU is a member of the National Automotive Standardization Technical Committee, a member of the Electric Vehicle Sub-Technical Committee, an expert of the 863 Program of the Ministry of Science and Technology, a professor of Control Theory and Control Engineering in the School of Electrical and Automation Engineering of Tianjin University, and a supervisor of doctoral students. His researches mainly focus on complete vehicle control strategy and matching calibration for electric and hybrid vehicles; optimization and control of hybrid power system; the integration and design of motor control systems for electric and hybrid vehicles and product standards and testing methods for electric and hybrid vehicles.

As the project leader, Dr. Wu has completed 10 major research projects on electric vehicles in Tianjin and has undertaken 5 major national 863 projects on electric vehicles, all of which have been accepted by experts and reached international advanced level. He has undertaken two national 863 projects: "Research and Development of Qingyuan Electric Vehicle Technology Platform" and "Electric Vehicle Test and Demonstration Technology Assessment", and three provincial projects: "Pure Electric Car Development and Evaluation" and "Pure Electric Vehicle Development and Evaluation". "Through the research of these projects, Tianjin has taken the lead in industrialization in China and provided experience for the industrialization of electric vehicles for domestic counterparts.


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