Dialogue News丨Women Power & A Greener Future: Opening An Innovative and Inclusive Chapter in Sustainable Transportation

What are the differences among women in the transportation system? What is the role of women in driving social change and sustainable development? How to influence the transition to zero-emission transportation? How can we increase women's participation and leadership in clean transportation or related fields? How can gender equality be promoted in moving towards zero emissions in transport? How can we raise awareness and awareness of gender equality across the industry and the public?


Dialogue News | CCTP Third Dialogue: 2024 Zero-Emission Transportation Envision

Will the new energy vehicle industry continue to experience robust growth in 2024? Can Chinese domestic brands further enhance their competitiveness in the international market? What advancements can we anticipate in charging and swapping infrastructure? What opportunities and challenges will arise in the clean development, energy transition, and international cooperation of off-road transportation?


Dialogue News | CCTP Second Dialogue: The Role of Sustainable Aviation Fuel in Carbon Emission Reduction in Aviation Should Not Be Underestimated

On the afternoon of November 7, 2023, the second Dialogue of the CCTP, with the theme "Even Waste Oil Can Make Aircraft Fly — The Future Path of Sustainable Aviation Fuel," was successfully live-streamed through the CCTP video platform. The Dialogue featured Liu Shutong, the founder of MotionECO, as the keynote speaker. The event was hosted by Wang Wenwen, the project manager of clean transportation at iCET.


Dialogue News | CCTP's Inaugural Dialogue: Greening Beijing's Development – Exploring MaaS's Role in Urban Green Mobility

August 15th, 2023, was commemorated as China's inaugural National Ecology Day. The core of the ecological civilization concept is centered around embracing simplicity and moderation while adopting a lifestyle rooted in low-carbon practices. In the contemporary landscape, environmentally conscious smart travel services have assumed a progressively significant role in propelling the shift towards greener and low-carbon urban transportation. To mark this inaugural National Ecology Day, CCTP effectively orchestrated its pioneering dialogue titled "Green Development of Beijing: How MaaS Enhances Urban Green Mobility."



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