Executive Committee

Ying LIU

Executive Committee

Chief Engineer, Beijing Transport Institute

Ying LIU is the Director of Energy Saving and Emission Reduction Center of Beijing Transport Institute. In recent years, her team has contributed to research and system construction in the fields of strategic planning in transportation energy-saving and emission-reduction, statistics and monitoring of transport energy consumption, monitoring and assessment of moving source consumption, synergy of number and intelligence in new-energy vehicles, sustainable development of logistic transport, research and promotion of eco-driving, green development of transport infrastructure, calculation and application of transport energy, etc. The transport energy-saving and emission-reduction intelligent monitoring technology won the First Prize of Science and Technology Award by China Intelligent Transportation System Association in 2015. Based on such technology, her research team has established "Beijing Transportation Energy-Saving and Emission-Reduction Statistical and Monitoring Platform", which plays an important role in government decision-making, industry regulation and scientific research and so on.


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